Roadmap invites participants to “test drive the future,” learning from leaders in industry, communities, and government agencies. Programming will be organized around these tracks:
Cars: This track will focus on the rapid electrification of cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles, as well as new forms of shared and autonomous mobility.
Charging: Charging infrastructure is evolving quickly to meet the needs of millions of new electric vehicle drivers. This track will explore how to make charging easier, faster, and more commonplace, and how to maximize its benefits to the electrical grid.
Community: The community track explores the broader “ecosystem” needed for the market to expand, and steps that are being taken to ensure new mobility services reach the populations that will benefit from them the most.
Cutting Edge: The “cutting edge” track will feature “Ignite” style talks of 5-7 minutes and workshops on emerging topics. Come learn more about tomorrow’s news today!