(San Diego, CA) — Nautilus Environmental, Inc. announces its official transition to Enthalpy Analytical (Enthalpy), a subsidiary of Montrose Environmental Group (Montrose). Nautilus was the first toxicity laboratory to join Enthalpy in 2016, followed by EnviroSystems, Inc. on the East Coast in 2017. Now, Nautilus and EnviroSystems have rebranded to form the foundation of Enthalpy’s environmental toxicology service offerings across the United States.
Since its 2004 founding, Nautilus’ services have continued to expand to include study design, method development, planning, review, quality assurance, and regulatory support as well as the analysis, integration, interpretation, validation and application of toxicity data. The 18,000 square foot San Diego laboratory has the largest West Coast capacity committed to toxicological testing, specifically designed and staffed to perform the full variety of toxicity and bioaccumulation tests across all matrices including waters, sediments, soils, chemicals, and products.
In 2016, Nautilus joined Montrose, a rapidly growing environmental services provider offering measurement and analytical services as well as environmental resiliency and sustainability solutions to commercial, industrial, local, state, federal, and global clients. Enthalpy operates as the advanced analytical arm of Montrose, with a current network of 9 NELAP-accredited laboratories with 200+ chemists, environmental scientists, and technical specialists nationwide.
For a complete list of toxicological and other services offered by Enthalpy, visit http://enthalpy.com/environmental-toxicology-2/ To learn more about the broader services offered by Montrose, please visit http://montrose-env.com/.