Who is Clear Creek Systems?

Clear Creek Systems (CCS) is a full-service water treatment technology supplier with a heavy presence in Washington and Oregon that spans nationwide. CCS specializes in hard-to-treat groundwater, construction and industrial stormwater, dewatering, dredging, and flushing. As a pioneer in the water treatment industry with over 25 years’ experience, CCS has developed methods to address a variety of contaminants to keep our waterbodies safe and clean, while managing our clients’ needs and expectations.

What is your involvement with NEBC?

Clear Creek Systems has been a member of NEBC for nearly 15 years. Our staff has served on the Board of Directors since 2009 and continues to support NEBC through volunteering for conference session coordination, speaking opportunities, and sponsorship. CCS will be the 2023 Title Sponsor for Managing Stormwater in Washington. We want to take every opportunity to educate and network with individuals and companies in the environmental industry.


Why do you focus on water?

Clear Creek Systems believes in one water for life. Everyone and everything on this planet could not be here without water, and we have the responsibility to keep this shared resource safe for our environment. We have designed and maintained countless stormwater treatment facilities to target pollutants, such as metals, to keep our protected surface waters clean.

Project Profile WA: Hero Dredge Project

Clear Creek Systems (CCS) worked closely with the general contractor on the Hero Dredge Project located in the Palix River near Bay Center, WA. The site was the former location of the 125 ft Hero research vessel that sank in the river in 2017, leaving behind contaminated sediments. The Purpose of this project was to separate sediment generated from the dredge process and then treat the contaminated water. CCS designed a 300 gpm treatment system using polymer enhanced sand filtration, zeolite clay, and activated carbon to treat for turbidity, TPH-D, PCBs, Lead, Arsenic, and other metals. Phase separators were also used to decant solids with the decant water being pumped back to the system for treatment. CCS operated the treatment system for the duration of the project separating 180 cubic yards of sediment and discharging 1.5 million gallons of clean water back into the Palix River.

Project Profile OR: Pond Remediation

Clear Creek Systems (CCS) worked closely with the project engineering firm, regulatory agencies, and the general contractor to clean up a 6-acre municipal stormwater pond located in Portland, OR. The site was contaminated do to historical industrial upland activities that impacted the pond, sediments, and the surrounding soils. CCS was brought in to dewater the pond before and during the excavation process of the impacted sediment and soils. CCS designed a 500 gpm treatment system using chitosan enhanced sand filtration and activated carbon, to treat for turbidity, PCBs, PAHs, and metals. Clear Creek Systems operated the treatment system 24/7 for the duration of the project, treating and discharging 20 million gallons to the adjacent slough, well below permit benchmarks.