Northwest Environmental Business Council
represents northwest businesses working to protect, restore and sustain the natural and built environment.

NEBC is a non-profit trade association that represents the interests of its members, while promoting the health of the industry and the environment as a whole. Formed as a regional organization in 1996, NEBC is the recognized voice of the industry – advocating for science-based regulation, supportive policies and tax structures, the dissemination of knowledge, and the adoption of best practices.

NEBC fosters transfer of knowledge and learning, builds synergies among members and expands business opportunities. NEBC members cover an ever-widening spectrum, including engineers, consultants, contractors, scientists, lawyers, product and technology providers, insurers, project developers, financiers, architects, business support professionals, plus a host of other disciplines and organizations supportive of NEBC’s goals.

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COVID-19 Pandemic – Challenges and Opportunities for the Environmental Sector

By Gretchen Greene, Rabia Ahmed, and Jeri Sawyer from Greene Economics, with contributions from Deborah McGrath, Professor of Biology at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee.    The COVID–19 pandemic has dramatically changed nearly every aspect of our lives. Our collective willingness to act to minimize the contagion is a stark reminder that we can and must work together to manage the natural environment. These actions and the resulting global economic shock offer unique opportunities to better understand how we impact the…

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Erin K. Rothman, CEO of StormSensor, Inc.

Meet Erin K. Rothman, CEO of StormSensor, Inc in Seattle, Washington… PERSONAL  What is your educational background?  I have a BA in Technical & Scientific Communication/Environmental Science and an MSc in Natural Resources. What drew you to working in the environmental sector?  My dad worked for the Department of Energy cleaning up and closing down federal nuclear…

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EcoAnalysts, Inc.
Environmental Consulting Associates
Stormwater Controls, LLC
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December's Renewing Members

Tupper Mack Wells, PLLC
Ridolfi Environmental
Spokane Environmental Solutions, LLC
Mr. Pressure Wash, Inc.
Steadfast Services Northwest, LLC
Spring Environmental, Inc.
Johannessen & Associates, P.S.
Integral Consulting Inc.

MatCon, Inc.
Anchor QEA, LLC
Triverus, LLC
Site Environmental, LLC
Layfield Group Ltd
Clearwater Environmental Services, Inc.
Hillis Clark Martin & Peterson
Veris Law Group, PLLC
Gullywasher, LLC
Shannon & Wilson, Inc.

Miller Nash Graham & Dunn LLP
Terraphase Engineering Inc.
Pacific Groundwater Group
Forensic Analytical Consulting Services, Inc. (FACS)
Terra Hydr Inc.
Zipper Geo Associates, LLC
Tuppan Consultants LLC
Aspect Consulting, LLC