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- Noble Americas Energy Solutions

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- Cable Huston LLP
- Cascade Drilling, L.P.
- DeNovo Group
- Energy Trust of Oregon
- ESC Lab Sciences
- GeoEngineers, Inc.
- Gordon Thomas Honeywell
- Gullywasher, LLC
- Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance
- McKinstry
- Portland Development Commission
- River City Environmental
- Sovereign Consulting, Inc.
- Thomas M. Kilbane Attorney at Law PLLC
- Veolia Environmental Services Technical Solutions

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Opening Remarks to the Managing Stormwater in Washington Conference - the expense of managing stormwater is the price we pay for living in a region that values both commerce and nature, that embraces both urban landscapes and a healthy environment. more

Introducing the NEBC Risk Management Center. We are excited to offer members the NEBC Risk Management Center, a comprehensive insurance risk management, workplace safety, and compliance platform.  more


Moving Into 2015 With More Members, More Programming, More Staff - NEBC is reaching new milestones and is stronger than ever as it turns 19. more

Leadership & Legacy - A New Board President, Two Founders Retire - Mike Nestoff of Lane Powell takes over as Board President as we say goodbye to the "two Jerrys". more


Standing on the Shoulders of Sponsors - without sponsors, the registration rates at our conferences would at least double. more

Membership ROI - Part II. It's About the Opportunity - members who get the most out of NEBC get out and participate. more

Membership ROI - Part I. It's Not About the Discounts - event fees are not enough, dues make NEBC's activities possible. more



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Brooks Rand Labs

- Brooks Rand Labs Merges with Applied Speciation and Counsulting  more

Sussman Shank LLP

- Sussman Shank LLP Named One Of The "100 Best Green Workplaces In Oregon  more

RJ Lee Group

- Center for Laboratory Sciences Announces Name Change to Reflect Commitment to Columbia Basin College   more

Industry News

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Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (ATSDR) Creates Brownfields/Land Revitalization Action Model  more
Energy Trust Funding Available for Larger Pacific Power Solar Projects  more
Governor Inslee Declares Drought for Three Washington Regions  more
Solar Sponsorship Opportunity in Seattle  more